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Hopharmacyounter.com Website Review & Ratings + Shop Pharmacy Counter Coupons

Shop Pharmacy Counter offers a variety of supplements to help consumers improve their health concerns and aspirations. Whether one feels challenged with acquiring the right weight loss strategy or finding trusted body building enhancements; they have isolated a number of viable products and services to assist with the process. Because they are concerned with the well being of the consumer as a whole - they’ve put forth great effort to provide a safe and cohesive experience.

The Shop Pharmacy Counter' number one selling weight loss product ‘PhenObestin is manufactured by PharmaCo Labs which is located just outside Atlanta Georgia. This product like others offered with this establishment have been thoroughly examined for both its health benefits and potential risk factors.The information is provided on their site and strategically placed to ensure consumers have access to ti before finalizing their purchase.

After much dedicated research, Shop Pharmacy Counter have employed the use of ingredients like Phenylethlamine HCL (similar to amphetamines or ephedrine) because they have statistics that prove their relevancy to wellness. The research for Phenylethlamine HCL suggest it delivers an elevated mood, energy and deters a desire to eat fatty foods.

Here is a listing of some of the merchandise they offer to improve the health strategies of their patrons:

Shop Pharmacy Counter: What makes it different?

Consumers are turning  to Shop Pharmacy Counter when they feel compelled to take a proactive stand with weight-loss related matters.The Shop Pharmacy Counter is an establishment that is backed by Supplements To Weight Loss, LLC. Together they strive to bring the greatest weight lost supplement assistance to market. Their innovative approach allows potential buyers to thoroughly explore the pros and cons of industry standard ingredients to enhance their selection processes.

Amphetamine is a very popular component that a good number of manufactures access to give their weight loss formulas the edge most consumers gravitate toward. Its properties have a reputation for enhancing weight loss and energy like no other ingredient available until now. Research has unearthed unfavorable side effects that create long term health issues and addiction. The Shop Pharmacy Counter stays ahead of the curb by utilizing ingredients that work in favor of their constituents long term needs.

Whether consumers are searching for supplements to lose unwanted pounds; desire a muscle building strategy or just want to increase their metabolism the Shop Pharmacy Counter provides an array of support. There is absolutely everything right with wanting to become healthier and The Shop Pharmacy Counter stands in agreement. This company prides itself on being able to offer proven resources for change. They offer a wide range of products that are created with ingredients that have proven to benefit those that are challenged with these specific set of issues. Here's an overview of what consumers can expect:

Best Available Shop Pharmacy Counter Coupon:
Shop Pharmacy Counter vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Shop Pharmacy Counter)

There are a great number of very appealing weight loss products on the market today. Trying to get through to the quality of their performance will weigh heavily upon how well you know your body. This insight is generally based on trials and tribulations consumers have faced in their journey to capturing the right strategy. 'Sensa' and 'LA To Your Door' are the two leading competitors of Shop Pharmacy Counter. They all offer different services that appeal to very specific audiences.


  • Curbs appetite by communicating a sense of fulness to the brain
  • Permits consumers to continue to eat what they love
  • Does not produce jitters
  • Provides fat blocker
  • Thirty day money back guarantee
  • Encourages consumers to allow their product to do all the work for them - no behavior modification required.

LA To Your Door:

  • Low Calorie Meals that are delivered to your door
  • Snacks and shake options with reduced calories
  • Provides individual coaching for an additional monthly charge
  • Provides additional guidelines to assist consumers with making healthier purchasing decisions
  • Offers alternative cleaning products for those searching for health friendlier options
  • Occasionally offers risk free trials

Shop Pharmacy Counter:

  • Detailed description on ingredients for every single product they offer
  • No prescriptions required
  • No Subscription necessary
  • Helps consumers to make informed decisions that produce confident transactions
  • Clearly states that while products provide additional support consumer will have to modify obsessive over-eating behaviors.
  • Offers natural ingredients that provide prescription strength results
Shop Pharmacy Counter: Pricing & packages

Shop Pharmacy Counter pricing is based on the item and amount purchased with every transaction. Because they only provide supplements the additional expenses for groceries will vary and depend upon the health decisions the consumer makes while dinning out or grocery shopping. The supplements range from $39.95 - $156.00.

'LA To Your Door':

  • packages from $139.99 - $300.00 per month
  • Meals, snack bars, beverages and cleaning supplies
  • $10.00 per month optional counseling services


  • Starter Kit $25.00
  • Weight Loss System (2 month supply) $70.00
  • Weight Loss System for Men (2 month supply) $75.00

La to Your Door is the only one of the three that provides pre-set meal placement opportunities. Because of this they appear to be the most expensive. However, there are certain behavioral changes that need to be made with each approach that will either produce a substantial savings; or cause consumers to spend more than usual as they re-create their new nutritional structure.  Sensa and Shop Pharmacy Counter have similar price point strategies.

Shop Pharmacy Counter: Product images & screenshots
Shop Pharmacy Counter Coupons
Shop Pharmacy Counter: Customer reviews & comments

Shop Pharmacy Counter patrons take their position with Weight Loss supplementation very seriously. Not only do they get how imperative it is that they have full disclosure about ingredients and manufacturing practices - they are extremely forthcoming about what they need from their vendor to enhance consumer responsiveness. Here is a bit of what they have to share about this establishment: 

"I like that everything was easy to under stand. Some of the other products that you offer I was interested in as well but I think I need more information on them. I think if you would add more information to your products it boost your sales a bit. The problem is that people don't think it works and it does. I am happy with my results and will be adding my comments to your site. Thank you and love the fast shipping! I'll be back for more!!!" Read more..

"I like it..I loved being able to read the reviews so that I could make a decision on what I might want to try.. Bought the Lipodrene to try it...Have been trying to loose weight for years.Hopefully this will work.." Read more..

"repeat customer...did not see full ingredients (Ephedra) listed this time...so had to go off your site and come into it from another site to view item...Stimerex...........should be noted as Ephedra 25m or Ephedra Free...made the mistake of getting the Ephedra free...NO comparison to the original formula...in any case I did reorder and will be back...thank you" Read more...

Best Available Shop Pharmacy Counter Coupon:
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Comments (2)

good job

I had ordered 4 bottles of diet pills. I opened one bottle and returned the remaining three. In no way did I attempt to remove or alter the protective seal on the 3 bottles. I sent an e-mail before I returned them to let them know ahead of time of the return. I placed a tracking number on the shipping. A week goes by since they received the return. I sent an e-mail asking them to confirm they received the return, even though it was confirmed delivery according to the USPS website. I called twice - goes straight to voicemail. I left messages asking them to return my call. I sent 2 more e-mails after the initial asking them to refund the three bottles I returned to them. I also faxed them a letter and also mailed the same letter to the company asking a resolution in the matter. I finally received the first response from Customer Service stating that I only sent back one bottle in good condition. They provided a URL link to prove that story. When I clicked on the link it just showed me a confirmation that my order shipped. That is it. I sent a reply e-mail right away, and that was 4/21/12. Now it has been 28 days since they received my return and I have yet to see any refund to my credit card. And besides, even if I only returned one bottle of pills in good condition, why haven't I received a credit for that one bottle?? I am expecting a return of $153.93. A complaint has also been filed with the Better Business Bureau. I feel Shop Pharmacy Counter could have far better customer service, especially ones that tells the truth. You would think that their reputation would mean more to them, but apparently not. And I followed the return instructions 100% like it states on their website and e-mails. I have never had an issue with an online company like this before, and this definitely makes me weary to do business online again.BBB has given this company rating an F. 12 unresolved complaints. Scam company. Keep your money. http://www.bbb.org/washington-dc-eastern-pa/Business-Reviews/pharmacies/shoppharmacycounter-com-in-boyds-md-235986627#

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