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One Week Diet System is an all-natural effective weight loss program that comprises of natural ingredients, that help you shed superfluous and unwanted weight; easily, naturally, rapidly, and without causing any adverse effects.

One Week Diet System comprises of various supplements which include minerals, vitamins, amino-acids and over 36 different fruit and botanical extracts. It is a novel liquid cleanse diet program which also acts as a meal replacement and has been found to produce phenomenal results with practically no detrimental effects on health.

This product comes with a manual which includes dietary advice, easy recipes and specific exercise guidance which helps lose approximately three to seven pounds in one week. This product can be used only for one week and can be repeated after every three months.

One Week Diet: What makes it different?

One Week Diet System integrates health, science, and nature and helps detoxify and cleanse your body successfully. It eliminates unwanted fat from the body with ease. 

  • One Week Diet System is nutritious and healthy, and the meal replacement provides sufficient nutrition to the body.
  • It sweeps the colon clean off all accrued wastes and toxins, thereby perking up metabolism and bringing about fat loss.
  • The product offers other noteworthy benefits, such as: lowering blood cholesterol, staving off atherosclerosis and cardiac disorders, preventing and managing diabetes and checking other morbid conditions related to obesity.
  • It helps you attain the ideal body weight and achieve a desirable body contour.
  • Additionally, One Week Diet System revitalizes you and grants overall health and well being.
One Week Diet vs. primary competitors (sites similar to One Week Diet)

Comparing One Week Diet System with Other Quick Weight Loss Plan: Proactol

Proactol is one of the most highly recommended weight loss products which is recommended by medical experts from around the globe and has been used by thousands of satisfied customers in the United Kingdom. On comparing Proactol with One Week Diet System, certain basic differences are observed,

  • A relatively cheaper product, Proactol supplies for one month cost about one-third of the cost of One Week Diet System
  • Proactol acts as a fat binder and appetite suppresser and reduces craving for specific fattening foods, while One Week Diet System is a detox system with natural nutrients. Unlike Proactol, which helps in elimination of fat, when used, One Week Diet System ensures continued benefits of the weight loss, even after the therapy is stopped.
  • Available in tablet form, Proactol provides limited nutritional support and doesn’t act as a meal supplement, while One Week Diet System, acts as a meal supplement, which comprises of natural ingredients and food supplements
  • Four different clinical trials confirm that Proactol is free from any detrimental side effects, while One Week Diet System’s claims are based on just one clinical trail

Overall, though One Week Diet System is considered as effective as Proactol, the higher costs, liquid delivery and dosage method and limited clinical evidence, makes One Week Diet System less preferred.

One Week Diet: Product images & screenshots
One Week Diet Coupons
One Week Diet: Detailed review

A Unique Diet System with guaranteed weight loss in a Week

One Week Diet System, is a unique natural weight loss technique that incorporates a Swedish Diet with clinically proven cleanse and nutrients, without any drugs or synthetic ingredients. This Weight loss therapy aids in removal of harmful toxins from the body and aids in stimulating the body’s metabolism, whilst concurrently suppressing craving and appetite. It is a seven step program which couples sensible eating, exercise and meal replacement technique to produce safe and effective weight loss.

As per a study published in 2007, on Effect of Short Term Dietary Supplements on Weight Management, this program aids in reducing adipose tissue, cholesterol and triglyceride levels in adults, depending upon the length for which this product is used.

Liquid Diet for Weight Loss: How does One Week Diet System work? 

The One Week® Diet System is a combination of all-natural liquid meal replacement and body cleanse. The primary ingredient of One Week Diet System is body cleanse system that aid in detoxification. Studies have suggested that individuals ingest various harmful chemicals and toxins from the food, air and water, each day. Invariably, the body fails to detoxify itself naturally from these harmful toxins. In order to protect the body from the detrimental effects of these chemicals and toxins, a layer of adipose tissue/ fat cells surround these toxins so as to prevent them from coming in contact with the blood circulation.

Normal exercise regimen and basic dietary measures help in burning down extra fat, but fail to burn down the fat cells that encapsulate these toxins. This One Week Diet System, helps in removing these toxins and thereby aid in burning down the fat cells/adipose tissue encapsulating these toxins.

Further, after removing the cumulative load of toxins of the body, this diet cleanses aids in streamlining the hormonal balance, improves immunity, fights nutritional deficiencies and improves the body’s metabolism. The meal replacement helps in providing basic nutrients which during this diet program, so as to avoid symptoms of muscle pain, weakness and fatigue. Once, the body is sluiced of all impacted wastes, the metabolic rate perks up, thus bringing about appropriate weight loss.

The easy-to-follow diet plan helps cut down your calorie consumption, whilst keeping the energy level high throughout the day. 

What benefits does One Week Diet System offer?

The One Week Diet System alleges rapid weight loss in as little as 1 week. Additionally, it also proffers the following remarkable benefits: 

  • It boosts your immune functioning.
  • This supplement helps purge out all toxic matter from the body, revitalizing and rejuvenating you.
  • It lowers serum cholesterol levels appreciably, and helps ward off cardiovascular disorders and diabetes.
  • It helps improve bowel movement and regularity, and fights constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and other colon-related problems.
  • It enhances blood flow and makes your skin taut and supple. 

Why should you opt for One Week Diet System for effective weight loss? 

Results of the trial state that, the volunteers lost about 3 % of body fat within a week and the serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels saw a considerable drop.

Further, it is always difficult to keep the weight off, once an individual has reached his weight goal. One Week® Diet System provides specific diet and exercise recommendations for individuals to maintain their weight and improve their life style.

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