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Hflsolutions.com Website Review & Ratings + CheatMeals Coupons

Cheat Meals is the brand name of HFL Solutions weight-loss program. The company and its experienced research team has made innovative discoveries, patents and proprietory formulas in weight loss and triglyceride reduction and other programs including suger, carbohydrate and fat metabolism. They also have a number of future formulations going through the clinical testing process.

Cheat Meals is the secret pill celebrities use so they can eat anything they want. It has a 96.7% success rate over 11 years and is endorsed by doctors and is clinically proven. It has been certified and purity tested with a rating of A+.

Now you can cheat on your diet, enjoy your favorite foods without feeling guilty or gaining weight. Cheat Meals

  • Blocks Carbohydrates, sugars and fats
  • Reduces digestive problems
  • Lower Chlorestrol
  • Decreases blood sugar

How it works

  1. You take 2-3 Cheat Meal pills with 16 ounces (2 cups) of water about 20-30 minutes before a meal that is high in fats and carbohydrates.
  2. The 20-30 minutes and the water gives the formula time to expand in order to trap the fat and carbohydrates calories from the meal.
  3. Once activated Cheat Meals will block up to 40% of the carbohydrates and sugars, block up to 30% of total fats and help assimilate and digest the rest of the calories from the meal to prevent gas bloating, constipation, acid reflux and heartburn.

A bottle contains 80 capsules, which is enough for 30-40 servings and the average bottle lasts about a month.

CheatMeals: What makes it different?

Where Cheat Meals differs is all their products have been Certified and Purity Tested and achieved a rating of A+. The company that manufactures this formula HFL Solutions has an experience research team and before they release any product on to the market they have to go through a stringent clinical testing process.

What makes Cheat Meals different to the other websites is the product is endorsed by doctors and not sold at discount prices. You know if you purchase Cheat Meals it is 100% safe and has had a 96.7% success rate over 11 years. You can eat your favorite meals without fear of putting on weight.

CheatMeals vs. primary competitors (sites similar to CheatMeals)

Diet Pills-with-Epheda is a site which sells diet pills and supplements containing the herbal plant Ephedra. This shrub has been used for thousands of years as these plants produce alkaloids, organic compounds that provide medicinal properties.

Ephedra diet pills and supplements can greatly reduce unwanted body fat and this company boats you can shed up to 40 pounds of body fat in several weeks.

There is some confusion about whether Ephedra is legal as an Ephedra ban is in existence but this does not apply to the pharmaceutical industry. Ephedra and pseudoephedrone are currently used in many products such as Claritin D.

  • Banned  Ephedrine Sinica, also known as MA Huanga, a type of Ephedra plant.
  • Not Banned  The Ephedra plant itself, such as Ephedra Viridis

The Ephedra weight loss supplement is safe when used responsibly but where this site differs from Cheat Pills
 is it is not verified by the medical profession as it is herbal, which makes it alternative medicine, and there is always  the thought in thye back of your mind that an Ephedrine ban is in existence even though this company does not use any banned substance in its ingredients.

Diet Pill City sells diet pills at a discount and helps customers find Premium Diet Pills at deep discounts backed by their one-of-a-kind 100% money back return policy.

Each of their diet pills are rated on

  • Effectiveness
  • Ingredient Quality
  • Product Safety
  • Speed of Results
  • Customer Feedback
  • Overall Value

They offer free shipping and they have a good customer service department. They also list their 2011 Top 10 Diet Pills with descriptions and the price they sell them for.

Their statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and they state their products do not require a prescription or doctor approval as all their tablets are herbal. Customers must decide for themselves whether they wish to order them and not all of the ingredients are listed.

CheatMeals: Pricing & packages

Cheat Meals

Diet Pills with Ephera

  • Hellfire EPH 150, the newest fat burner with 150mg ephedra/150mg caffeine anhydrous per pill $57.99 per 100 pills
  • High Octane EPH 100, the most powerful weight loss formula $47.99 per 100 pills
  • Black Mamba Ephedra, newest super-strong ephedra diet pill $33 per 30 pills
  • Diablos ECA Fire, the most powerful and explosive dietary supplement anywhere $33.33 per 100 pills

Diet Pill City

  • Apidextra powerful diet pill $28 to $44.95
  • Fenphredine high performance weight loss formula $34.99 - $64.95
  • Best Seller's Pack, the three most ewfficient diet pills in one pack $99.95
  • Ambislim Extreme weight loss formula $10.49 to $17.95
CheatMeals: Product images & screenshots
CheatMeals Coupons
CheatMeals: Customer reviews & comments

Customer Feedback on Cheat Meals

  1. I ate what I wanted and still lost weight Jessica Brosnan
  2. I wanted to say that Cheat Meals is great because at work I can't always eat what I want to and because we have a lot of lunch-ins and many times the food is unhealthy. I want to be a team player so I don't always bring my own meals from home. I usually pop a couple of pills with the meals and I always keep a bottle in my purse, this is working really well.
  3. Not only have I not gained any weight but I have actually lost a couple of pounds, thanks again.
  4. Great combination, I lost 3lbs and changed nothing. Love it, Amy Moon.
  5. My husband and I lost 12+ lbs. Dana and Larry Marek.
  6. I have ordered half-a-dozen bottles and I will keep using it forever. Betty Davis.
  7. I have already lost 7lbs. Greg Moon.
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